Extracts from "The Red Book": a history of the Findlay family in Scotland.
(Acrobat files, scanned from typed original with permission from Robert Findlay)

Pages Size Contents
pp 1-4 200k Title page, Contents, Introduction
pp 5-10 800k Robert the banker and his ancestry
pp 11-18 1,000k marginal notes and memos
pp 19-24 800k Cunninghames; the doctor
pp 25-30 800k Robert Findlay the 1st of Easterhill
pp 31-35 700k Correspondence with Mr Muir; Old Oak Cabinet papers
pp 36-40 500k continued
pp 41-46 800k Robert Findlay the 2nd of Easterhill
pp 47-51 600k Buchanans; Colonel John; Dunlop
pp 52-57 400k Family trees not included here
pp 58-63 600k Family pictures; Dr Findlay's ancestry; Dunlops
pp 64-69 600k Bibles and Prayer Books; Mansfeldt name; early Findlays
pp 70-78 800k Family trees
Trees 800k Family trees stitched together

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Burke's Landed Gentry 1849 re Findlay Mhor